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This Program is an investor stream immigration pathway to Australia.
The condition set to obtain the business investment visa in Australia under Subclass 188 is 
that the business investment visa (subclass 188) is firstly approved on a provisional basis for 4 years.

Once The applicant complete the provisional term and after The applicant have met the eligibility criteria, the business migrants can apply for Australia Permanent business visa under subclass 888.

1.    Age:  The common rule is applicant should be below 50 years. However, for Australian 
Business Visa application, the age criterion is set up to 55 years. The age criteria can be increased up to 59 yrs if the proposed investment plan is remarkably lucrative and 
forecasts to bring in great economic benefits,.

2.    Points Test: This Visa is granted to those applicants who score at least 65 points on points test.

3.    Proven Management Skills: To be considered for an invitation from DIBP (Department of Immigration and Border Protection), the applicant must prove they possess impressive management skills corresponding to the proposed investment plan and business activity.

4.    Experience: The applicants in Australia must have minimum 3 years of thorough experience in similar business ventures or handling equal amount of planned investment.

5.    Previous track record: The applicant should show successful business track record in similar or larger business enterprises or investments.

6.    Commitment:  The applicant as a business investor, should show legitimate and consistent interest in investing and operating the business in Australia, for the DIBP to invite The applicant for applying business investor visa.

7.    Intention to live in Australia: The applicant must show his intent to stay in Australia 
for at least 2 years in the state where they have made the proposed investment.

8.    If  investment is  in partnership: It is mandate visa applicants, either solely, or in partnership to have managed a business enterprise and/ or investment of proposed size directly for at least one year in the last five fiscal years before the invitation for application is issued by DIBP. It can be either in a way of:  

A-    Owning AUD 1.5 million either solely, combined or by The applicants partner. OR;

B-    Either the applicant or his partner or both of them must own at least 10% of ownership interest in the proposed business or similar business interests.

9.    Mobilization of investment: The applicant must show the Department of Immigration and Border Protection that The applicant own minimum of AUD 2.25 million as net assets / business just before 2  years of receiving invitation for investment visa in Australia and that The applicant can legally transfer the funds to Australia within 2 years of The applicants investment visa issuance.

10.    Illicit business interests: The applicant must prove to the business immigration authorities of Australia that they have genuine interest in carrying out business in Australian territory and abide by the laws and not indulge in any illicit business interests.

11.    Investment: The Business immigrant applicants are supposed to invest at least AUD 1.5 million
in the form of investments in the state / territory of Australia and hold the same for at least 4 years after the business investment visa issuance. The invested funds must be derived from either eligible business or appropriate funds ready to be invested 



Business people, who are looking for better grounds  to invest the amount and establish businesses can check out their eligibility against the above-mentioned Australia Business Visa requirements and if eligible and embark on applying for business investment  visa.

The taxation laws of Australia apply to every business investment and venture of business immigrants. Even if the applicant have one or more business ventures. The earnings of 2 of The  applicants considerable business projects can be combined to reach the marked business turnover or assets in eligibility criteria for business investment in Australia.

There is no hard and fast rule or compulsion, what kind of business The applicant are to start or invest into as long business visa requirements set by Australian immigration authority are met. The applicant are free to do whatever The applicant want once The applicant get permanent residency status.

Under the initial Provisional Business Investor Visa, applicant  can bring their family or dependents. However, the applicants spouse cannot start a business under  the main applicants  investor visa, where as he/she can work in Australia. The schooling is available for the school-age child/children.

                                             Significant Investor Stream Visa for Australia:

Australian immigration department provides investor visa for those willing to invest AUD 5 million at the minimum under Significant Investor Visa over 4 years.


Commitment: The applicant in this type of visa should prove their  genuine interest and commitment to reside in the state or territory that nominated  the applicant.

Continuation of Business/ Investment Plans:  Even after the provisional visa expires, 

the applicant can continue the business or investment plans intended for Australia.

Residence in Australia: the applicant must reside in Australia for at least 40 days in a year.

During The applicants provisional visa period OR prove that the applicants spouse have lived in Australia for at least 180 days in a year during the period of The applicant provisional visa.


The applicant and his partner either individually or combined must have obtained net assets worth AUD 5 million legally and the same can be fulfilled to be invested in Australia.

Neither The applicant nor his or her partner must have been engaged in unlawful business or investment activities.

Action against Commonwealth: The applicant and The applicant family members who are over 18 years must assure that The applicant will not bring any action against Commonwealth, in case The applicant incur any loss of investment in Australia.

All other laws along with taxation laws apply to Significant Investor visa category too.

It is highly advised that the applicant seeks legal advice reading THE ‘complying significant investment’ and whether their investment options meet with the required investment criteria.

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