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Study in Italy

Italy has played an important role in European higher education: it is one of the four countries that first engaged to create the so-called "European Area of Higher Education" (Sorbonne Declaration, May 1998), thus starting that type of higher education reform which, known as "Bologna Process" (Bologna Declaration, June 1999) is being implemented all over Europe. Today Italy ranks among the 8 most industrialised countries in the world. Alongside some big companies, both state-owned and private, it has developed a sound network of small and medium-sized undertakings, promoted a few scientific parks, and are incentivating basic and applied research in a great variety of fields.


Some advantages that Italian public universities offer to students:

High quality academic programs.


Cutting-edge laboratories and facilities.


Innovative research.


internationally-recognized degrees.


Scholarships and funding opportunities provided by the Italian regional governments & local universities.


Support services for international doctoral candidates.


Educational practice in European companies.


Italian diploma = European diploma.


Possibility to remain in the country legally after graduation.


Great climate, food, social habits.


Zero to low tuition fees.


Opportunity to continue studying or researching in any other university in Europe.


The main requirements for admission to educational institutions in the Italy are:

A strong academic background.


Demonstrated command of the English language.


For many programs, scores on standardized admissions tests.


Adequate financial resources.

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