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Study in New Zealand

Discover the advantages of studying in New Zealand and see why it is such a unique place to have new experiences, new ideas and new adventures. New Zealand schools, universities and institutes are known worldwide for their high standards. A New Zealand qualification can be a valuable asset, enhancing your career prospects both here and internationally.
Employers around the world respect New Zealand’s education system for its ability to balance academic achievements with skills, producing creative, flexible thinkers who are competent at both practical and theoretical levels. Quality guidelines monitored by the New Zealand Qualifications Authority (NZQA). NZQA regularly reviews these providers and individual institution reports. 

Documents Required-

1. Valid Passport copy with a certified copy of your birth certificate or driving license

2. Proof of your intended study must be provided to make a valid application.

3. Medical & Travel Insurance is must for every international student until they finish their entire study.

4. You must have enough money to support yourself for the length of your study.

5. If sponsored, then sponsorship letter required from the sponsor.

6. If you course is more than 12 months or a year, then below are mandatory
                                                      -a general medical certificate (form INZ 1007)
                                                               -a chest x-ray certificate (form INZ 1096)

7. You have to submit your English proficiency test score card that is IELTS / TOEFL

8. You can share your work experience with job details

While studying work as Part or Full time-

Who are pursuing Full-Time study program, they can work 20 hrs/week

During holidays or long breaks for semester, you are eligible to work Full-Time

Those who are Masters and PhD students, they can work any hours depending on their job or research.

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