Visitor Visa

A temporary visa allowing a stay in any country of up to 3 or 6 or 12 months. Applicants can apply for his/her visitor visa from them home country . Some tourists or business visitors are eligible to lodge an online application for Tourist visa. There are specific requirements which must be met by applicants to qualify for a visitor visa under provisions of the Immigration and Nationality Act. The consular officer at the embassy or consulate will determine whether you qualify for the visa.

Applicants for visitor visas must overcome this presumption by demonstrating that:

The purpose of their trip is to enter any country for tourist, pleasure, or visit purpose. That they plan to remain for a specific, limited period. Evidence of funds to cover expenses in the particular country. Evidence of compelling social and economic ties abroad.

Applying for a Visitor Visa

Applicants for visitor visas should generally apply the Embassy or Consulate with jurisdiction over their place of permanent residence. Although visa applicants may apply at any consular office abroad, it may be more difficult to qualify for the visa outside the country of permanent residence. Visa applications are now subject to a greater degree of review than in the past so it is important to apply for your visa well in advance of your travel departure date.

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